Getting started

The project uses pnpm as the package manager — if you don't have pnpm installed the easiest method to install it is using npm assuming you have Node.js installed.

npm install -g pnpm

Create a new Animotion presentation

npm create @animotion

If you're on Windows and npm create @animotion doesn't work, then instead you can do npx @animotion/create and it should work.

This is going to copy the Animotion template and install the dependencies for you.

┌ Welcome to Animotion!

◇ Where should I create your project?
│  (press Enter to use the current directory)

◇ Install dependencies? (requires pnpm)
│  Yes

◇ Installed dependencies.

└  Done. 🪄

💿️ Start the development server:
pnpm run dev

💬 Discord

Install the dependencies (if you haven't during the setup)

pnpm i

Start the development server

pnpm run dev

Open http://localhost:5173/.